What is Pueraria Mirifica – One of the 4 types of Pueraria


What is Pueraria Mirifica – The 4 Types of Pueraria

Pueraria Mirifica locally known as “Kwao Krua” is a tuberous herbal root found in deep

what is pueraria mirifica

PURAFEM Pueraria Mirifica

forests from its place of origin the north and the north eastern parts of Thailand and Myanmar.

Pueraria Mirifica is one of four varieties of Pueraria, including the white kwao krua widely known as pueraria mirifica, the red kwao krua known as Butea superba, the Black Kwao Krua and the Dull Grey Kwa Krua. Among these four varieties the white Kwao Krua and the Red are most sought because of the benefits they provide in the field of medicine and cosmetic purposes gaining its name as the miracle herb.

What is Pueraria Mirifica and why is it called a miracle herb?

Long ago the Buddhist monks in Thailand and Myanmar used this herb for the purpose of good memory to memorize many books about astrology, to look and feel younger, to have a long life and even to fend away diseases.

Over the years the use of this herb in the Asian countries were handed down from one generation to another to preserve beauty and diminish the laws of aging. Later on, the news of this miracle herb reached the people on the west. From then on the search and studies of this herb begins.

What is Pueraria Mirifica – Studies

Numerous scientific research and experiments were conducted to find out what really makes this natural herb so special. The results showed that this herb contains phytoestrogens comprised of isoflavones accumulated by its large underground tuber. What makes this herb different from others is that it contains Miroestrol and Deoxymiroestrol which has a high estrogenic activity similar to that of a natural human hormone.

These hormone boosting properties, according to scientific studies can enhance the level of estrogen in females that slows down aging.  It was also found that the herb could help in increasing breast size not only in females but also in males making it firmer and shapelier as well as preventing from sagging. In addition it has an ultimate rejuvenating effect on the skin and hair because it is capable of minimizing or vanishing the wrinkles on the face or on the skin and minimizing the degeneration of the minerals on the bones and slows down the appearance of grey hair due to aging as well as helps eliminating symptoms of menopausal therefore maintaining a youthful look.

What is Pueraria Mirifica – Additional Effects

In addition to that, the component phytoestrogen and high isoflavone content has a high antimutagenic effect that kills human mammary cancer cells. Therefore, Pueraria Mirifica  is  not only solely limited to reversing the process of aging but as well it is capable of fighting against medical conditions related to aging and most especially this herb can help to prevent breast cancer.

Because of these benefits, a lot of companies are now producing products made of Pueraria Mirifica. Most of these products are manufactured as a breast enhancement supplement to increase breast size and shape both in male and female.

These products are very sellable because they discovered that they don’t need to undergo a very expensive and painful breast implant surgeries to attain the size they want, rather there is a safe and abundant supply in the market to help them achieve and regain confidence with help of the products made from the extract of Pueraria Mirifica if taken on a recommended dosage.

Who wouldn’t want to maintain their natural beauty and stay younger looking for years, you can count on this herb as a real fountain of youth.

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What is Pueraria Mirifica

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What is Pueraria Mirifrica used for? Natural Breast Enhancement Options

Recently, France and UK were facing a breast implant scare following the studies and

Breast implant: saline solution filled breast ...

breast enhancement or natural breast enhancement?

reports that the silicone implant used by a renowned French company PIP contains industrial silicon and not the type of silicon used for medical purposes. According to studies these silicone implant has a tendency to rupture and leak in the body. The scariest part of it is that more than a thousand of women have under gone a surgery to have this breast implant in the name of beauty.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) released a study saying that the implants are not made from a silicone for cosmetic medication but rather from an industrial type of silicone to make mattresses.

According to studies conducted and reported by FDA scientists, one of the risks of breast implants is its tendency to break.  Within 11 years most women have at least one broken implant without their knowledge. When this implant ruptures the silicone gel will turn into liquid in normal body temperature. Leakage of silicone in the body eventually blocked lymph nodes and vital organs that may result to several complications. A study also shows that some local complications like chronic breast pain, breast or nipple numbness, infection, hardening, which later results to additional surgery just some of the few complications of are brought by ruptured implant.

In addition, reported cases of diseases blamed to be due to breast implant were rising up.  Auto-immune diseases, problems in memory, cancer and even death are a few reported severe cases associated in breast implant. Apart from these complications and risks mentioned above getting a breast implant is very expensive and this is not one time because the implants needs to be replaced in 10-12 years which means to say that there will be additional cost for it.

Mentioning the risks associated with this breast implant, it clearly shows two big reasons for us to ponder before deciding to go for breast implant. First, it is not 100% safe and it may endanger life in the long run and second financially wise, the procedure itself is very expensive.

However, its undeniable there’s lot of women really wanted to achieve a fuller breast size and sad to say that not everybody has this. In view of this, natural breast enhancement is becoming a new popular topic in ladies right now. There are several reasons why natural breast implant is gaining popularity right now.

First, natural breast enhancement products like Purafem are made from 100% herb the Pueraria Mirifica also known as “the miracle herb”.  Unlike, breast implant which was used to see and immediate result but is proven to be defective and may cause health issue due to the possibility of rupture and leakage, using high quality products like Purafem enhances the hormones resulting to a natural way of achieving a fuller breast size.

Another reason, natural breast enhancement is far away cheaper compared to surgical breast implant. Unlike breast implant which costs lots of money, high quality products are a lot cheaper and more effective without the risks of side effects. However, you just have to wait for a little time to see the results of the products you may use because naturally things does not just happened over night. The same way as to enhancing the hormones in the body that will be responsible for the results to manifest. A lot of companies marketing the product offers money back guarantee within a month if results are not satisfactory another thing you cannot have in surgical breast implant.

Lastly, if we could notice, the trend right now is people are opting to products that are natural and organic because of the side effects that chemically made products resulting to a lot of medical issues right now.  A natural breast enhancement product since its organic and natural does not have side effects and works splendidly like no other synthetic substances.

Having mentioned all the advantages of natural breast enhancement, it very clear that this is safer and effective and more practical compared to surgical breast implant.

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